$12/hr plus tips

Part-Time: 10-15 hours a week


All of our rentals are escorted up and down the Vermilion River by a member of our staff on a "chase ski." Once you reach Lake Erie, the staff member remains in the riding area to monitor the rental skis for the duration of the booking. The Chase Ski Operator's job is to act as a lifeguard should our clients need assistance getting back on their ski in the event of a fall, keep track of time remaining on their rental, and provide a line of communication to shore in case of emergencies. Additionally, you will also be monitoring the riders for any activity that breaks our rules in regards to behavior while operating the skis. When not working with our clients on the water, the Chase Ski Operator will also be assisting at the dock when launching and returning the skis. 

  • Must be at least 25 years old

  • Must have EXTENSIVE experience riding a jet ski

  • Must have Ohio Boater's License or other NASBLA certification equivalent 

  • Be physically capable of being on a jet ski for an extended time

  • Able to assist in pushing heavy skis on/off floating jet ski docks

  • Must be able to withstand being in the sun for an extended time

  • Prefer a candidate that is already familiar with Lake Erie and the waters from Vermilion to Huron 

  • Strong communication skills and willing to be assertive when needed. You have to be comfortable riding over and confronting a rider that is behaving against our rules or operating dangerously.

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